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Lisa & Mark Merger
We got a comprehensive report including photos revealing a rusted and leaking chimney cap among other things. The chimney was cleaned and we were made aware of other issues..more...
Lisa Soeters
 Great! They were very helpful also with my questions about the type of fireplace and what kind of cover/grate I can and can't use
Melanie Caughron
Mr. Brown called in advance and asked if he could come early, which worked great for me. He arrived at the time he said he would. Checked everything I was concerned about and relieved those concerns. He told me things I may need to have fixed in the future, not it has to be done today sales pitch. I now feel good about using my fireplace this coming winter.
Paula Cuttic
Chris Brown arrived promptly as scheduled. Performed inspections inside and out and ran water through hosing down roof to look for areas of leakage that may not be visible, explaining what he was doing and what he was finding as he went along . Discovered some cracks, at which point we rescheduled for 3 days later as 2 days of severe rainy weather was quickly approaching. Chris returned promptly as scheduled once again and performed the required service. Pictures were taken to show me the areas of needed repair before any work was done. Those before pictures along with after pictures were provided to me to keep on record. Chris was very friendly, polite, knowlegable and professional
Craig Whitten
Chris was on time and was very professional and personable. He inspected the chimney, took pictures of items needing attention and cleaned the flue. He did not rush the job and was very through. Highly recommend his services. He provided a detailed report, complete with color photographs of the work done and recommendations. Very satisfied.
Kelley Baird
very thorough, professional and knowledgable ~~ would call him again
Karen Bazzie
They were great, very courteous, very professional, provided an estimate before any work was done, and the work was perfect. I am getting ready to call them back to do some more work on the chimney.
Theresa Perry
Chris came out on the first call to assess the chimney and make sure everything was safe to use the fireplaces. He removed the dead animals and gave us a full report on how the chimney looks. He did come back to add a damper and cap for the chimney. Excellent work and very clean - Chris was on time, accurate, he even called while he was on vacation.